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June 4 - Week 16 - M, W, F (3x per week)

June 4. 2007, Week 16 - M, W, F (3x per week)
Workout Routine:

This is my last week of my 16 week journey.  It has been a blast and an honor to help soo many people get in better shape.  In a few days, I will be uploading my latest photo and video. 

I have been receiving dozens of questions about what I will be doing after my 16 weeks is over.  Am I going to stop? 

The answer is a big NO....

I am just warming up.  I will be launching two more sites similar to this site.  These sites are designed to help anyone get in great shape.  It does not matter if you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. 

For the guys, you can visit

For the women, you can visit
For each site you will have
three levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.   Of course, you should select the workout that will apply to you.  If you are a beginner, don't do the advanced workout.  Just work yourself up to intermediate and then to the advanced level workout.  If you want to achieve the best results, make sure to perform the exercise laid out 3x per week.

Like always, it is still absolutely free.  You will gain exclusive access to all my workout programs that I have used to train my personal training clients that were paying me about $50 to $90 per hour.  

Since I am helping you get in shape, I do need a favor from you.  I would appreciate if you would spread the word about this site.   That is all I am asking and these sites will remain FREE for your effort to help me spread the word. 

Another quick announcement:

I also receive tons of e-mails from those people that can not do a single pull up.  Well, if you are someone who cannot do a single pull up, there is still hope.  Do not give up yet.   I made video just for you to show you exercise alternatives to pull ups. 

You can watch it at


Below is a picture of my backpack that I used to perfom my week 15 workout routine. It weighs
about 25 - 45 lbs depending on what exercise that I am performing.  For example, I was using about 45 pounds when I doing my pushups and 25 pounds when performing my pullups with the weighted backpack. 

You can adjust the weight of your backpack depending on your own fitness level.  If you do not have any plates, you can use heavy books, a sandbag, or anything heavy that you can stuff in it.    Check out my backpack with weights.  I used an old pillow to cushion my back from the plates.

You will also need a rope for this routine.   You can use an ordinary rope that you can pick up from your local hardware store or you can use the jungle gym 1 and/or junge gym 2 for your own comfort.



Workout Routine: Week #16 Instructions:

All exercises are done in a superset between upper body and lower body.
For example, One Arm Pushups are supersetted with a Reverse Lunges
with weighted backpack and plate. Do NOT rest within the superset, but
rest 30 seconds after the lower body before repeating the superset again.
Repeat for a total of 4-5 rounds total.  Proceed to the next superset. 

Aim for lower reps: 8-12 reps
Aim for 4-5 rounds for each superset
Again, take no more than a 30 second rest in between. 

Here is the routine for the week: 
Make sure to watch the video several times and observe my form

A1: One Arm Pushups
A2: One Leg Pistol Squat with weighted backpack and rope or using the jungle gym
*Aim for 4-5 rounds

B1: Alligator Pushups with or without weighted backpack
B2: Jump Squat  w/ weighted backpack
*Aim for 4-5 rounds

C1: Pull-ups (using a towel) with weighted backpack
C2: One Leg Squat hold with plate
*Aim for 4-5 rounds

D1: Recline Pull with weighted feet elevated on a stability ball
D2: One leg calf raise with weighted backpack and stability ball
*Aim for 4-5 rounds

E1: Upside Down Shoulder press
E3: Tricep Extension with rope or using the jungle gym
(to add resistance use a weighted backpack)
E3: Hammer curl with plate (lean against the wall for support
*Aim for 2 rounds

F1: Ball crunch with fitness bands
F2: Rotational twist with fitness bands
*Aim for 2 rounds


If you want to maximize your results even more, I suggest that you also incorporate
my 16 week interval training with your exercise routine.   The article can be found here:

For example:
Monday: Resistance Training (from the fitness video journal)
Tuesday: Interval Training:  Cardio
Wednesday: Resistance Training (from the fitness video journal)
Thursday: Interval Training:  Cardio
Friday: Resistance Training (from the fitness video journal)
Saturday: Interval Training:  Cardio
Sunday: Rest


Make sure to keep following my simple eating tips:

Basic Rules:
Rule #1: Eat smaller meals throughout day. 
Rule#2: Consume enough high quality protein every day. 
Rule#3: Consume 25-35 grams of fiber each day
Rule#4: Avoid refined sugars and refined grains.
Rule#5:  Consume an adequate amount of fat.
Rule#6:  Keep yourself hydrated all day.

Week 9 (April 16)
7 more weeks to go

Week 9 (April 16)
7 more weeks to go


Quick Statistics
Feb 19, 2007
April 16, 2007
June 11, 2007 Goal
Weight: 147.5 lbs
Weight: 140 lbs Weight: 140 lbs
Body Fat %:  14.6 Bodyfat %: 8.7
Bodyfat %: < 6
Pushups in one minute:: 55 Pushups in one minute: 88
Pushups in one minute: more than 100
Pullups in one set: 15
Pullups in one set: 23 Pullups in one set:


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