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May 7 - Week 12 - M, W, F (3x per week)

May 7. 2007, Week 12 - M, W, F (3x per week)
Workout Routine:

About a week ago, I got this email below from a guy.


Remember what got you OUT of shape to begin with:  helping so many people that you ended-up neglected yourself!

There will never be enough hours in the day to help everyone and if you over-extend yourself then you?l be no good to anyone (especially yourself)!

I realize you?e committed to people and are ?ooked solid; however, it? time to carve out a couple of extra hours for yourself (and family?) each day.  You will simply need to raise your hourly fee and spread the 2-hours of ?ost income among your other clients so that you still earn the same amount.

You must do this now.  If not, you will burn out and neglect your own health.

Good luck, and keep posting pics whenever you can.  Your progress is amazing!  I wish I had ripped muscles like you especially your arms-:)

I do not know who he is but he is absolutely right.  I am repeating what got me out of shape to begin with.  I had skipped some of my workout sessions due to my extremely busy schedule. 

But since reading his email, I have been trying to modify my schedule to fit my ideal schedule.  I hired a trainer to help me with my fitness boot camp.  I delegate some of my work to my new assistant (my girlfriend) and reduced my training sessions. 

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am begging to get my life back again.  I am even going away this weekend to the shore just to relax and enjoy myself with my girlfriend.  

I don? know who wrote that but I would like to publicly thank you.  My future business plans have now changed so that my business will soon be able to support my ideal lifestyle rather than my life supporting my business. 


I have some news for you      

In order for me to serve you better, I am adding a discussion forum where you can ask me questions in regards to fitness and to also provide you a community so that you can meet new people with similar goals.  Let? help each other out.  That is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Other news:

I am also adding another feature for my loyal members so that you can add your own workout video to share with everyone.  If you would like to share your workout video with us, please do so at  It is the YouTube of fitness.    



Workout Routine: Week #12 May 7th Instructions:

All exercises are done in a superset between upper body and lower body.
For example, pushups with hands on the ball (with bands to add resistance)
are supersetted with a jump squat with weights. Do NOT rest within the
superset, but rest 30 seconds after the lower body before repeating the
superset again. Repeat for a total of 2-4 rounds total.  Proceed to the next

Aim for lower reps: 6-10 reps
Aim for 2-4 rounds for each superset
Again, take no more than a 30 second rest in between. 

Here is the routine for the week: 
Make sure to watch the video several times and observe my form

A1: Pushups with hands on the ball (with band to add resistance)
A2: Jump Squat with weights
*Aim for 3-4 rounds

B1: Spiderman pushups with bands
B2: Alternating Split squat jump with weights
*Aim for 3 rounds

C1: Pull-ups with weights (you can use a backpack with books in it for weights)
C2: Squat hold with weights  (hold for as long as you can)
*Aim for 3-4 rounds

D1: Recline Pull with the rope (one leg up)
D2: Calf Raise with weight
*Aim for 3 rounds

E1: Bicep curl with the rope (using your bodyweight for weight)
E2: Stability crunch with bodylastic bands
E3: Ball Plank

*Aim for 2 rounds


If you want to maximize your results even more, I suggest that you also incorporate
my 16 week interval training with your exercise routine.   The article can be found here:

For example:
Monday: Resistance Training (from the fitness video journal)
Tuesday: Interval Training:  Cardio
Wednesday: Resistance Training (from the fitness video journal)
Thursday: Interval Training:  Cardio
Friday: Resistance Training (from the fitness video journal)
Saturday: Interval Training:  Cardio
Sunday: Rest


Make sure to keep following my simple eating tips:

Basic Rules:
Rule #1: Eat smaller meals throughout day. 
Rule#2: Consume enough high quality protein every day. 
Rule#3: Consume 25-35 grams of fiber each day
Rule#4: Avoid refined sugars and refined grains.
Rule#5:  Consume an adequate amount of fat.
Rule#6:  Keep yourself hydrated all day.

Week 9 (April 16)
7 more weeks to go

Week 9 (April 16)
7 more weeks to go


Quick Statistics
Feb 19, 2007
April 16, 2007
June 11, 2007 Goal
Weight: 147.5 lbs
Weight: 140 lbs Weight: 140 lbs
Body Fat %:  14.6 Bodyfat %: 8.7
Bodyfat %: < 6
Pushups in one minute:: 55 Pushups in one minute: 88
Pushups in one minute: more than 100
Pullups in one set: 15
Pullups in one set: 23 Pullups in one set:


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