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Arnel Ricafranca was featured in A.M. Connections (A National TV Show Broadcasted To Over 8 Million Homes)

Arnel Ricafranca was featured in Morris Health & Life Magazine (April issue)

Arnel's interview was aired on April 10, 2007 on 101.5 FM.

NJ fitness boot camp magazine
Arnel Ricafranca was featured in New Jersey Life Magazine  (September issue)

About The Creator of I Want Six Pack Abs

Arnel Ricafranca

I am a fitness expert, fitness boot camp coach, author, and a motivational speaker.  I have authored and co-authored several books with the top experts in the industry.  I am also the founder of www.iwantsixpackabs.com, the most in demand six pack abs workout program on the net.   I have been featured as a fitness expert in numerous media such as Ebru TV, Morris Health and Life magazine, Jersey 101.5 F.M. (radio station), KTRE ABC 9 online news, and New Jersey Life magazine.  Below are my qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Health and Exercise Science
Certified AFAA Personal Trainer
Certified C.O.R.E Instructor Level I
Certified C.O.R.E Instructor Level I
Certified By The American Strength  Training Insitute
Certified NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach

Certified CPR Healthcare Provider Insured

So why am I doing this? Why did I create this site? 

Well, I have two reasons.


I used to have great abs while I was attending Rowan University to study Health and Execise Science.  After I finished my studying at Rowan University, I started helping other people to lose weight and to get in better shape.  As I got busier with my clients, I had less and less time for myself  to keep in shape.  

Eventually my six pack turned into a beer keg.  As days passed by, I became weaker and weaker.  Now.....  I WANT MY SIX PACK ABS BACK AGAIN AND BE STRONGER AND HEALTHIER THAN EVER.

I am putting my career on the line.  I am proving to the whole world that I can get six pack abs  in 16 weeks or less.  If I can't do it by that time, I will be making a fool of myself.  Once I have hundreds or even thousands of people watching me with my every move, there is no turning back.  There will be no more excuses.  It will force me to actually take my time out of my busy schedule to get myself in shape.  


Another reason why I am taking this journey is to help YOU get your six pack abs.  Through my quest for my six pack abs, I will be taking a video of myself showing you the best exercises that you can do at home so that we can achieve this goals together.  

I will be video taping my workout sessions so that you can learn from me.  In addition, I will reveal to you how to boost your metabolism so that you are burning fat through out the day (and not just when you are exercising).  I am committed to provide you high quality fitness information so that you can discover once and for all how to get your six pack abs.

Most likely, you are fed up with all the hype, all the lies, and all the deceptions fed to you by the weight loss and fitness industry.  I am here to help you clear out the myths and help you understand that YOU too can also have great abs. I am here to provide you the real truth about getting six pack abs. 

Trouble signing up? contact sixpackabstechsupport@gmail.com

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